Preventing Back Pain

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Common back pain is largely preventable.

Preventing Back Pain

Back Pain Prevention

Back Pain can be prevented by: practicing safe bending and lifting techniques, strengthening and stretching exercises for the muscles support the back, good posture, and weight control

Lifting Techniques & Back Pain:

Anything that causes extra stress or pressure on the muscles, ligaments, discs or joints of the spine can cause back pain. Avoid lifting objects that are too heavy and don't twist or bend at the waist when lifting. See PROPER LIFTING TECHNIQUES page to prevent back pain.



Strengthening Back Exercises:
Strengthening the muscles that support the back - muscles of the back, abdomens, and buttocks - with exercise is an important measure to take to prevent back pain.

Strong and flexible muscles are also beneficial for back pain caused by conditions other than muscle strain, e.g. herniated disc, sciatica, and back osteoarthritis. Strong muscles absorb shock before it reaches the joints. See BACK EXERCISES page to prevent back pain.

Stretching Back Exercises:
Stretching the muscles is also important as shortened muscles can cause misalignment of the spine (poor posture). Stretching back exercises loosen and lengthen the muscles to reduce pressure on the discs.

*Always consult with a doctor to make sure you don't have a condition that could make it unsafe to do certain exercises.

Posture And Back Pain:

Prevent Back Pain with Good posture. It is extremely important to learn and maintain good posture. When the spine is in proper alignment it provides proper support for the head. If the spine is out of alignment, the muscles have to work harder to support the head, causing strained muscles and back pain. Strengthen and lengthen the muscles required for developing and maintaining good posture. See POSTURE page to prevent back pain.

Body Weight and Back Pain:

Weight: being overweight causes more stress on the back, especially the lower back which supports most of your weight. Lower back pain is more common in overweight people. If excess weight is concentrated in the stomach area, even more stress in placed on the lower back resulting in more back pain. Weight can be controlled with a healthy diet and exercise. Though aerobic exercise is the most effective way to burn calories, strength exercises increase your muscle mass, which in turn increases your resting metabolism. Extra muscles burn extra calories even while sleeping.

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